Edward Norton Teased The Possibility Of Rounders 2 And Has Ideas Of What Worm Has Been Up To

And the teases continue! We have been hearing more and more and more about a potential Rounders sequel for a couple years now, and it’s really ramped up in the last few months. In September Daniel Negreanu tweeted about his love of Rounders and how he NEEDs a Rounders 2, to which writer Brian Koppelman replied:

Sorry, that got me fired up AGAIN.

Koppelman seems extremely interested in making Rounders 2, Norton seems pretty into the idea, now we just need to get Matt Damon on the horn and get this thing going. No better time than the present. Sports betting is getting legalized everywhere, DFS is legalized, and remember what happened when Rounders came out? Poker boom. And we’re due for another. Make it happen, boys. Rounders 2. LFG.

And speaking of poker, we had Mr. Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu on a special bonus episode of Cracking Aces that we dropped last night. We went into detail about him winning, and then losing, the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year award.

He also discussed being called out by Doug Polk and Shaun Deeb (had some strong words for Doug), changes he’d make the WSOP, and how he would change the poker world in general. We talked for nearly 50 minutes with him and he gave a tonnn of good insight.

If you’re into poker, this is a great episode, lots of juicy drama. And We have 26 other episodes with big guests, poker chit chat, strategy about how to get better, and much more. Definitely check it out:

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