Putin Is Rag Dolling Mr. Kraft Right now


Source – Vladimir Putin has offered to have a replica Super Bowl ring made for Robert Kraft after the Russian President was accused of stealing it. In his first official statement about the ring allegations, the Russian leader told Petersburg Economic Forum he did not remember Mr Kraft or the ring, but seeing as it was so valuable he would have more made for the New England Patriots‘ owner.  ‘I remember that I was handed some souvenirs. If this is such a great value for Kraft and the respective team, I have a proposal,’ President Putin said.  He suggested that a Russian factory could create a replica, using ‘good metal and stone’ so a copy of the ring can be given to Mr Kraft and the team.  ‘[It] will be the smartest … solution to this complex, international problem,’ he added.


I got to be honest.  This is worse for Mr. Kraft than Aaron Hernandez killing a guy.  Just getting rag dolled by Putin.  I mean there is NOTHING worse than trying to tell an awesome story and having the other guy say he doesn’t even know who you are or remember you.  I don’t care if Putin is lying or not.  It’s still the ultimate slap in the face.  And then to make matters worse Putin just casually mentions that if the ring is so important to Bobby he’ll make him a new one.  Probably some gaudy ring worth like 9 billion dollars.   Power move and half.   I’d take 100 Aaron Hernandez murders before getting humiliated on the international stage like this.