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I'm Slightly Confused As To How Anybody With At Least Half A Functioning Ear Could Think That Geno Smith Didn't Call Heads On That OT Coin Toss

You go around to any sports website today and you'll see something along the lines of Geno Smith calling either heads or tails on this coin toss being compared to the black/blue dress vs white/gold dress or Yanny vs Laurel. And I get it--it's a slow news day. There's not really a ton going on today unless you're talking about Disney+. But the heads vs tails debate should only take up about 1.2 seconds of our lives. Geno Smith clearly says heads here and as funny as it is to think that the NFL refs can't even get a simple coin toss right, I don't understand how this is even a conversation. 

Sure, Geno Smith has a weird way of saying heads. It comes out as more like a "hey-eds" than anything. But either way, there's a strong 'd' at the end of it. Not sure if you guys know anything about the word "tails" or not but there's no 'd' sound in there anywhere. Hate to break it to you, folks. But as it turns out, the internet continues to just be filled with a bunch of absolute idiot human beings. I thought today was possibly going to be the day that would change, but I regret to inform everybody that it has not.