Do People Know That Twin River Casino Has Table Games Now?



So this has to be the best kept secret in the United States of America right? Twin River Casino has table games now? Are you shitting me? You’re telling me I can jump in my car and be playing Blackjack or Craps in 45 minutes? This has to be the best/worst news I’ve ever heard in my life. Like Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are just far enough away to prevent me from going on a whim. Not Twin River. If I can’t find something on TV in 5 minutes it’s almost forcing me to come play. Has anybody been there yet with the games? How many tables do they have?  What is the high roller room like?  Free drinks? So many questions. So few answers. All I know is for a degenerate like me this is a total and I mean total game changer. I’ll have my full report within the next day or so when I’m sure I’ll magically appear there.