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I Would Like To Offer An Apology To Jeremy Colliton

What a difference a week makes. Not in the standings. The Blackhawks were 6th in the Central on 11/5 and they’re still there today, BUT…in terms of hope, style, and substance things are night and day different. And therefore, so am I. Yes, I wrote the following in a blog just six days ago

You don’t have to be some sort of hockey savant to look at those numbers and know that the Hawks aren’t playing a system that allows them to succeed. The Blackhawks are still struggling defensively too. Don’t let that fact slip away. They’re sacrificing all of their offense from last year for VERY minimal defensive gains. They still give up quality chances at a high rate. They still turn the puck over at a high rate. And they’re doing this by choice. By direction from the coaching staff. It’s either arrogance, naivety, or both from Colliton. The Blackhawks are lost. They’re not having success because they don’t have a team identity.

I absolutely wanted Colliton fired and Stan along with him. I was anticipating it coming and quickly. Like as soon as the Blackhawks dropped their next game to Vancouver

But then a funny thing happened…Colliton changed his systems and POOF the Blackhawks were good again. It is something I didn’t think Colliton could or would do. Coaches can be stubborn. He took his system, threw it in the trash, and allowed the Blackhawks to recapture some of their identity which allowed them to exit the zone cleanly, carry the puck through the neutral zone, attack the blue line with speed, have fun, and look good doing it. Since then…5 points out of a possible 6. A breath of fresh air and eyes on the playoffs. Exactly what we hoped the Blackhawks would be.

So…I am sorry. I am sorry I assumed Colliton was imcapable of change. I am sorry I advocated for him to be fired. I am sorry I made fun of his glasses. Adapt or die. Colliton adapted at EXACTLY the right time to turn the ship around and I love it. If he can change, then so can I.