Does This Look Like the Face Of A Guy Who Knocked Out His Dad When He Questioned How He Was Making The Kool-Aid?



COCOA A 22-year-old man is accused of beating up his father during an argument about Kool-Aid. Cocoa police arrested and charged Brandon Crosley with elderly abuse Wednesday. According to the arrest report, the father told police he tried to give Crosley “advice on how to properly make the drink,” but they got into an argument.Police said Crosley punched his father two or three times in the head and knew his father used a cane to walk.

Listen I’ve seen a lot of miscarriages of justice in my time doing Barstool, but this one is just about the worst. Hey pops if you don’t like the way your son is making the Kool-Aid then get up and make it yourself. It’s a free fucking country. But don’t sit there and chirp at him from the cheap seats that he’s doing it wrong. That’s how motherfucker gets knocked out 100% of the time. Bottomline is making Kool-Aid is like being the captain of a Submarine. Everything you say goes without discussion or dispute. If somebody questions your authority you punch them in the face or put em in the brig. That’s just how it goes. Everybody knows that.