I Suppose Neymar's New Model Girlfriend Helps Take The Sting Off Of His Injury Keeping Him Out Of Matches

If there's one thing we can agree on it's that injuries suck. That's the point of this blog, right? Any time you get some sort of sickness or injury you just want someone to take care of you, it's how we are wired. Or in some cases, typically when you're really rich, you take off to Barcelona and go party with your new girlfriend who happens to be a Spanish model. Let me introduce you to 27-year old Noa Saez

Sure there might be speculation on his return to Barcelona and the injury, but does that matter? Neymar doesn't give a shit. This is a dude that's a real life Vinnie Chase, he picked hanging out with Rihanna over an awards presentation and now he's out here having the time of his life with a Spanish model. 'Now if you excuse me I have snow to go shovel. Fucking Neymar.