Uhhh Since When In The Actual Heck Is Sugar Toast Considered A "Struggle Meal"?

I've recently been seeing this tweet get tossed around the ol' timeline and I have to say, I finally understand what the issue is with Fake News. Because for my 27 years of living on this planet, I can't name you a single time that I've been crushing some sugar toast and thought to myself that I was currently struggling. In fact, I don't think I could name you a time when I've been eating sugar toast and didn't feel like I was thriving through every single bite. 

I mean, sure, it may not be a frittata topped off with lobster or caviar. But I can guarantee you that it's either equally or more delicious than that expensive ass breakfast could ever be. It may not be prepared by a world-renowned chef or anything like that but there is just as much artistry and attention to detail that goes into sugar toast as there would be for any fine dining meal. You need to figure out that perfect level of doneness you'd like your toast to be at so that it holds the consistency you're looking for when you add the butter. You need to hit the right temperature for the toast to be at before you add the butter so that it can perfectly melt and immerse itself through the entire piece of bread. And then lastly, you need to be precise while distributing the sugar so that every bite feels and tastes the same. It's an art, it's a science, and there's no way in hell that it's a struggle meal.

Especially not if you decide to add a little cinnamon into the mix, which is perfect for when the weather starts to drop and you can feel that winter is in the air. You throw some cinnamon on your sugar toast and congratulations, you've just eaten the most delicious meal you'll have all day. And as you start to get older, you can begin to experiment with some different breads now that your palate is expanding. For me personally, I'm more of an Arnold's 12 Grain kind of guy myself. I just think that it's superior from both a textural and a flavor standpoint as opposed to your ordinary white bread. 

Basically all I'm saying here is that if you don't like sugar toast, then you can fuck off.