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I've Seen One Video And I Think I Like Jim Boylen Now

So this ended up on my feed yesterday thanks to Marcus D3 on twitter, a really good follow for anyone in Chicago

And that is it. That is all it took. I like Jim Boylen now. He might be a moron, but he has a crazy brain and a dumb face that makes me laugh and that is all I can really ask for at this point. I am not the typical hockey fan who hates basketball. I love basketball, but it’s really hard to get on board with the NBA and the Bulls because everything Ryan Whitney has said about the NBA is true

Realistically there’s only 3-4 NBA teams, at most, with a realistic chance to win the NBA championship. And thanks to GarPax the Bulls will NEVER be one of them. So all we can ask for, as Bulls fans, is to be entertained. That’s it. And if it can’t be on the court every night I hope it’s in the post game press conferences and on the sidelines because at least we can get a laugh. Jim Boylen is a character. Steve Ballmer mixed with Al Bundy which equals a team losing more games than it probably should, but the Bulls never had a real shot at winning the whole thing anyways so if you end up in the lottery again it’s not the worst thing in the world. If you can watch that clip of Boylen screaming “GO UTES” at an octive that can shatter glass and not find a small place for him in your heart then you’re dead inside

PS: I think karma is evening out the universe for giving us the Jordan years by making us suffer through two decades with GarPax. If you’re my age you grew up on Jordan. Everything was Michael Jordan. Nothing else mattered. If you are in your 20s well…sorry, you just got a raw deal