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A Tennessee Senator Is Planning To Change Legislation Because No. 1 Recruit James Wiseman And Memphis Are Fighting With The NCAA

There may not be a more ride or die person than Brian Kelsey to Memphis. Forget about Penny being a Memphis guy through and through, Brian Kelsey is the real Tiger here. In case you missed it, because of course it was a Friday news dump, No. 1 recruit and preseason All-American James Wiseman is deemed 'likely ineligible' because Penny paid $11,000 to move him to Memphis to play for his high school and AAU team. This was before Penny had the Memphis job. However, Penny donated a million bucks to Memphis in 2008 which declares him as a booster to the school for life. Got it all? 

So despite all of that, Wiseman and Memphis are fighting the NCAA. They were able to get a restraining order and hired a lawyer so Wiseman could play Friday against UIC and they are just playing him now. Pretty much saying we fucking dare you to do something. Give Memphis credit for this because I enjoy watching programs say fuck the NCAA. 

So now here we are a few days later and a state senator (put in The Office joke here) is ready to change legislature? We can do that? I may try to run for a position in Kentucky just to be safe and at the minimum would have had Enes deemed eligible. 

I think I love the move though? This feels like it's right out of He Got Game and let's face it everyone is a fan of some school. Why not use that to your advantage? You'd be an idiot to not change legislature to benefit your team, that's now the only reason for anyone to ever get into politics. 

Here's always been my stance on this. Who gives a fuck? Wiseman's mother got $11,000 according to all the reports for this. What is that in the grand scheme of things? They are trying to better their lives by moving to Memphis to play for Penny in high school/AAU to help Wiseman grow his game. That's just a smart thing to do. At some point the NCAA needs to realize this and realize that this is what the free market would dictate people's worth. Also as for 'cheating.' Memphis still has to win games, Wiseman still has to perform, etc. 

Now if you excuse me I'm going to plan my political running stance in Kentucky.