Uh, What The Hell Is This Move: The Clippers Mascot Honors A 104-Year-Old Veteran With A ...Wet Willy

I say this with no hyperbole, this is the weirdest move I've ever seen. Not only that but I'm not sure someone has understood the moment less than Chuck the Condor here. First off, it's a 104-year-old guy. Who the fuck gives a fake wet willy to someone that old? There has to be a cutoff age wise for a wet willy, right? Second, this veteran is being honored for Veteran's Day. He's out here being celebrated for his service to help keep this country safe and awesome. Maybe go with a high five if you want to be a wacky mascot. Maybe go with anything that's not a fake wet willy. 

Really this just continues to prove what I've always believed. Costumed people are fucking weird. Mascots, mimes, clowns, fuck them all. Sure, that could stem from me being terrified of clowns as a kid, but do the Clippers really need a condor walking around games? In the words of Kevin McAllister, I don't think so. 

Safe to say if the Clippers don't win the title this year we can look at this moment right here. The moment Chuck the condor thought he had the perfect opportunity for a cheap laugh. Just shows the franchise doesn't understand the moment. Some people could really learn from the best: 

PS: I check in with Capt. Cons on this. Needless to say he's baffled with the move here too.