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The Big Hurt Hawked Some Nugenix In A Touching Tribute To His Wife On Their Anniversary

This made me laugh out loud.  As far as I’m concerned Frank Thomas can do no wrong, so go ahead Frank, hawk your testosterone boosting supplements via twitter hash tag.  But it didn’t sit well with everyone, because of course it didn’t.

Look Eno.  I can’t tell if you’re speaking tongue and cheek or not, but assuming you’re not, two things:

1. The Big Hurt can do whatever he wants.  Take a look at his goddamn Fangraphs page:

If it weren’t for him being one of the worst defensive 1B of his time and maybe all time, you can bet your bottom dollar he’d be around top 25-30 in career WAR.  Dude was just that good of a hitter.  His Fangraphs page is baseball porn.

2. Did you even read the entire Tweet?  The Hurt and his wife have 6 kids.  SIX!  That’s a shit ton.  Obviously the Nugenix is working for both him and his wife, so don’t talk shit.  She assuredly loves and endorses it just as much as he does.

Here’s a video of Frank Thomas in slow motion.  His back hip explodes through the baseball in violent fashion.  One of the very best hitters ever and that’s a fucking fact.