Get This Kid A Lifetime Supply Of Ice Cream For This Legendary Heist

I mean, it’s safe to say this is the greatest heist of all time, right? This blog is the official petition to get this Hurricanes fan a lifetime supply of free ice cream for pulling this off. I have now watched this video no less than 50 times and after the first watch I was convinced they were buddies, but there is ZERO chance these guys know each other. This was a cold hard ice cream robbery like we have never seen before between two people who don’t know each other and it was must watch TV.

Just some ruthless behavior from Hurricanes fans after a monster 8-2 win tonight. I know they were just voted the best fans in the NHL but you can’t commit a crime like this on your own fan base. If this was a loser Senators fan who traveled all the way to Raleigh to watch the Canes shit kick them then it’s one thing, but you can’t be doing this to your own fan base.

Regardless, someone hook this kid up with a free ice cream deal for life for this thievery. It’s too impressive to not reward.