Wake Up With The Final Home Run In Cal Ripken Jr's Career

Look at those baby blues up there swinging for the fences for the last time in his career. The greatest shortstop to ever lace them up finishes his storybook baseball career knocking one over the park that he helped build with a shot into left field justttttt over the outstretched reach of the try hard outfielder. Hey man, just chill out. It’s Cal’s last fucking home run, maybe don’t try and be a hardo and get on SportsCenter. Pretty sure that ball is worth more than every penny that guy ever made. Regardless, the 431st homer of Cal’s career ended up being the final one, not a bad power HR number for a tall, lanky, sure handed fielder who just showed up to work every single god damn day. Didn’t matter if he broke his nose in the All Star team picture, got hurt in a fight against the Yankees, or even when the power mysteriously goes out in Camden Yards. Love you, Cal.