Give Me All The John Harbaugh And Lamar Jackson Sideline Content!!!

Give me all of it!!! This is incredible content. Look at the way these two love and support each other in the heat of battle. It’s leadership at its finest and it’s not the first time the Ravens’ social media team has picked up on some awesome back-and-forth between Harbs and Lamar. The 4th and 2 that swung the game in Seattle is an awesome example of how Harbs empowers his players and allows them to decide the football games

Gotta give Harbaugh and the entire organization so much credit for buying all the way into Lamar Jackson and letting him lead in his own way. Every single week I come across another example of Lamar being a fantastic leader. Whether it’s demanding perfection from his teammates and immediately building them back up or something as simple as hustling to pick up his linemen off the turf, the guy just has IT

It’s so damn easy to forget this guy is 22. The highlights will make headlines and they’re fucking sweet but just as important to be a winning QUARTERBACK is having your guys behind you. That’s certainly the case in Baltimore and it’s going to take the Ravens places for many years to come.


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