Pete Alonso Named NL Rookie Of The Year In One Of The Biggest No Duh Results Ever


No real surprise tonight with Pete Alonso winning the Rookie of the Year after slugging a casual 53 bombs, putting up 120 rib eye steaks, unofficially changing the timeless phrase Lets Go Mets to Lets Fucking Go Mets Home Run Derby championship, putting Statcast numbers in a blender, and becoming the best masher on the goddamn planet in his first season. It's crazy to think there was a time that we were unsure if the Mets would call up Alonso and if his ridiculous power would carry over quickly to the Big Leagues. Instead the only pitcher who could befuddle Alonso this year was Cousin Derek in the Derby and even he got figured out by the Polar Bear. Considering how good Alonso was as a power hitter, in the clutch, and ripping his teammates shirts off after walkoffs, I honestly think he would have gotten more MVP hype if his team's bullpen wasn't filled with a bunch of donkeys. But a near unanimous Rookie of the Year Award will have to do (Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic was the only person that didn't vote Alonso first, which has now ensured another year I will not pay for my sports #content). 

Or we could blame the person who was really at fault.

Speaking of votes, lets see where Chris Paddack finished on the ballot.

Hmmmm, no votes at all. What a shame! Maybe Chris can win Rookie of the Year next season.

God I love this man.



Hey, you guys wanna see Pete sock a few dingers?

Even better, lets watch the pitchers after they served up said dingers!

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