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Local Idiot Complains When Popeyes Gives Him Free Joint With His Chicken Sandwich

Popeyes dominated the second half of 2019 with this goddamn chicken sandwich. People are going ape shit over this fried chicken between two pieces of bread. You’d think this was the first time anyone had ever fried a chicken before the way the public response has been. Don’t get me wrong, the sandwich is tremendous. But if everyone could calm down and act like professionals and stop stabbing each other over this thing that would probably be a better look for us all.

But since people WONT calm down over this sandwich, and with the amount of videos we’ve posted of all out brawls going down in these restaurants with lines out the doors and cars wrapped around the parking lots in attempts to sneak through the drive-thru, it’s beyond obvious that these workers are STRESSED. I’d go as far to say that smoking weed should be a requirement so that these good people can keep their sanity during this gluttonous rush. And here you’ve got Johnny Snitchalot shooting off pictures of half-smoked joints accompanying his chicken sandwich. Bro, you’ve already got the sandwich. You didn’t get stabbed. You didn’t get punched in the face in an attempt to buy this delicious treat. You won. Game over. Be thankful and move on. Say thank you twice for the free weed to enhance your overall dining experience. Maybe be a good samaritan around these holiday times, head to the register, ask if someone in the back dropped something and make someone’s day. Instead you wanna @ the official handle and have the NY Post reporting on this incident just to ultimately get someone fired. You couldn’t even muster up the balls to go talk to the manager, you had to go snitching from the safety of the internet. If he went to the manager he gets that sandwich free and probably a lot more. I really hate this guy and hope he hits every red light from now until early Spring of 2021.