Happy Video: Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson is Reunited With His Dog


Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson of Mulberry flew all the way to Germany to reunite with his four-legged partner, and the video of their reunion will touch your heart. The two worked side by side for four years in Iraq, patrolling the streets and conducting security checks at military bases. Sgt. Simpson retired last year, while Robby, his dog, continued in service. Now, Robby is retiring as well, so Simpson flew to halfway across the globe to adopt him. Following this reunion, they’re flying back to Florida to enjoy retirement together.


Needed this. 20 happiest seconds of my day. Times the 15 times I’ve watched it. So that many seconds. Dogs rule. The military rules. They worked every day together for 4 years. Can’t imagine how happy both of them were. And now they are retired in Florida together! Awesome. Ok time to watch it for the 16th time.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.47.26 PM

H/t CJ