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The Ravens Finally Showed What The Most Exciting, Most Dynamic QB In The League Can Do

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I mean everyone has been sleeping on him. Everyone has ruled him out. Said he doesn’t have what it takes. Can’t play QB in this league. And then yesterday, BOOM. Egg on your faces. The haters were silent. We saw EXACTLY why he is the most dynamic dual threat QB in the NFL today.

RG3! RG3! RG3!!!!

NFL: SEP 08 Ravens at Dolphins

Still got it, baby!

And for real, it’s actually a little crazy they don’t utilize RG3 more. Dude has a cannon arm and runs a 4.40 40, he’s quite a weapon. Obviously you don’t want to take the ball out of Lamar’s hand, but even using RG3 as a decoy has to pay huge dividends. And yesterday we saw what can happen when he’s on the field. Look how good he looked, so fast, so smooth, getting that pitch and grinding out those extra yards.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals

This man can start in the league TODAY. I mean shit, a person named Ryan Finley started for the Bengals…and you don’t think RG3 can still start? Blasphemy. He will start in this league again, I know it to be true. I cannot wait. RG3 for life.