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People Don't Know This But I'm Actually A Huge Cape Buffalo Guy

Alright so admittedly this comes out of left field and frankly I don't give a fuck. I'm a huge Cape Buffalo guy and that's never gonna change so deal with it. 

How many animals can fight off NINE FUCKING LIONS? And that part around the 2:50 mark where the Cape uses his surroundings to chase the pride down while still protecting his biggest vulnerabilities? Sounds like a January Bill Belichick defense making adjustments on the fly. Is it beautiful? No but you don't see the lions eating Cape Buffalo now do you.

You don't. 

Now you're probably wondering What's the big deal with Cape Buffaloes and that means you didn't listen to my Dog Walk with Eddie and our intern Danny on exotic animals. 

There, Ed talks repeatedly about his fear of Cassowaries, an Australian beast with a 5 inch claw that would rip your chest in half, apparently.

And personally that's just a bit of a yawn fest for me. Definitely scary looking and I'm willing to entertain the argument it's closer to a velociraptor than an actual bird. But overall not enough to come close to the majesty and beauty of a 1,300 pound Sub-Saharan African bovine. That's just me. 

And if you have 8 minutes and change to go through the following video, you'll feel the same:

Strength in numbers. Durability. Love and compassion. Loyalty, protection and family. That's what drives the Cape Buffalo and you'll have to excuse me for being on their team. Hard.