The Knicks Front Office Is Already Holding Press Conferences To Apologize For The Team Playing Like Shit 10 Whole Games Into The Season

I'm not going to do what everyone thinks I am going to do and freak out mannnn. In fact, the Knicks doing Knicks things like issuing public apologies for sucking after 10 games or allegedly throwing fans out for chanting Fire Dolan has me feeling like a college kid sleeping in his old room at home during Christmas break. Everything just feels right. I mean what else did you really expect from the guy in that press conference considering the results he has given during his time involved with the Knicks?

Note: Mills was the Knicks GM from the 2013-14 season until the 2016-17 season before being promoted to Team President in 2017-18 after going 117-211 as GM

Do I wish the Knicks at least appeared to try during these early games as they get their chemistry down after invoking the memory of the 90s Knicks or that every Knicks fan on Twitter wasn't asking for David Fizdale's head on a spike so we could move on to our 100th coach of the 21st century? Of course. But beggars can't be choosers and the Knicks fans are the Penn Station homeless dudes sucking dick for nickels of NBA fans. So instead I am just going to do what I do every season and spinzone the latest bit of embarrassment by saying maybe James Dolan wheeled out Steve Mills for that press conference to put everyone on notice because selling a team that isn't the worst team in the NBA will make Dolan more money than selling the team that is the worst team in the NBA. All this season (and to be honest next season) should be about seeing what the young guys like RJ, Frank, Kevin, Mitch, and hopefully next year's point guard taken in the lottery are legit, getting whatever you can get for all the veterans signed to 1 and 1 deals, and Dolan selling the team. Nothing else matters in my mind other than those three things. Oh yeah, and beating the Mavs every time you play them, which the Knicks have already done once this season.

If the Knicks beat them again on Thursday, the 2019 leg of the 2019-2020 Knicks season is a success in my mind barring any catastrophic injury to any of those young guys or James Dolan pinky swearing he's never going to sell the team.