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No, There Are No Plans To Have Children Fight In The UFC At This Time

Russian people are so fucking crazy, dude.

Some newspaper really got a journalist credentialed for UFC Moscow this weekend and sent him to the event with the beat: Kiddie Fighting. Homeboy sat there through the entire card to get to the post-fight presser, flagged down a PR person for a microphone, and asked if kids would be fighting in the UFC any time soon. My favorite part is actually the way he sets the question up, where he goes “BEFORE YOU THINK I’M CRAZY, YOU GUYS ONCE SAID WOMEN WOULDN’T FIGHT HERE AND NOW THEY DO!”. He knows he’s asking something preposterous, but I mean – in fairness to the reporter – they DID say women wouldn’t fight before! So it seems the jury’s still out on the kiddos.

I’ll be sure to bring this up with Uncle Dana the next time we’re in a room together.