Introducing Baby Jack ... Georgetown's Newest Bulldog Puppy Mascot And The 'Britney Spears On Campus'

Oh my God look at that puppy! 

I don't want, I need to pet baby Jack. I don't care if it's not advised or not allowed. That's bullshit. You see that scrunchy face and wrinkles and all you should be allowed to do is pet that puppy. All I know is this quote from the Washingtonian pisses me off and makes me laugh at the same time. 

On a late-summer morning at a Georgetown University coffee shop, dog trainer Janice Hochstetler explains why not just anyone is allowed to run up and pet the school’s new mascot-in-training. “We shifted to a model that’s a little more like a celebrity,” she says. “If Britney Spears was here, you couldn’t just go jump in and take a selfie. You couldn’t touch her, you couldn’t stop and talk to her just because you wanted to.”

You're telling me I can't pet Jack the puppy or take a selfie with Britney Spears? I call bullshit on both. Is this a reason for me to post a bunch of Britney Spears pictures? You betcha

Honestly, would rather pet Jack. But here's the important thing. Georgetown is back. You bring back Patrick Ewing, you continue to recruit at this high level and you bring in a new mascot? That's going to seal the deal. Save me the struggle against Mt. St. Mary's in game 1. Jack the Puppy is ready for an NCAA Tournament run. Impossible to be a Georgetown student and not shriek if you see Jack on campus.