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Every Day RG3 Does a Twitter Bit Called "Sock Swag". Am I Overreacting By Thinking It's Completely Ridiculous, Or Is It Good He's Interacting With His Fans?


RG3 does this shit every single day. He tells people to send him their “sock swag”. First, I hate the word swag. It’s stupid. But that’s neither here nor there. It brings up the point that we’ve all made 1000 times- RG3 acts like a child on social media. And every day people tweet me “that’s your QB bro” and I want to kill myself. People think my QB is this immature idiot. And it drives me up the wall.

I cannot imagine in 100 years Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or any other elite QB doing things like that. But am I overreacting? Is this just the way sports will be for now on perhaps? All these guys are growing up on Twitter and Instagram, maybe RG3 is ahead of his time doing shit like this?

Because think about it this way: Just like I can’t imagine Brady talking about “sock swag” on Twitter, maybe some fans of the Patriots are jealous our QB interacts with his fans and theirs doesn’t. Maybe I should appreciate RG3 takes time to tweet with his fans. When I think about it that way, it’s not so bad.

But really, it’s fucking awful. I wish he would grow up. Tweeting about “catch your dream today” and doing other chick things. Tweeting like an 8th grader’s AIM away message. You’re an adult bro. Act like it. He had such a great rookie season and then had a terrible season last year. I don’t give a fuck about his sock swag. I care about winning football games. So it perhaps irrationally bothers me to see him acting like an idiot on Twitter. Taking “selfies” and shit like that. I don’t know. After a 3-13 season, it just bothers me to see him do this. Win games, then talk about swag. Because right now, you are more known for eating Subway and having no knees than you are for playing football. So if that’s what swag means, you have a lot of it.