Club Dub Is #BACK!

Good ball game.  Granted it wasn’t pretty, but a W is a W.  Who gives a fuck how they’re acquired.  The Bears went 12-4 last year and had to scratch and claw to get a win against a dog shit Arizona team.  Nobody remembers wins when they’re ugly, they just remember that they’re wins.

But if you rewind it to last week, we talked about whether or not Club Dub was dead.  The unanimous response is that it fucking better be.  You can’t gallivant and be all cocky all over social media after random wins when the whole season has been shit, all things considered.  Obviously it’s cool when you’re winning divisions, but when you’re throwing up dud after dud each week it can be a BAD look.

But after listening to Coach Nagy’s post game presser yesterday, fuck all that.   Club Dub’s back.  If that’s the team’s mojo and a sort of glue that binds the team together, go ham.  Fuck the haterz (everyone one of us at Red Line Radio) that say it’s a bad look.  Now go out and beat the goddamn Rams and let’s start talking playoffs again.


Mike Davis was officially cut last week, netting the Bears a compensation pick.  I was reading a Brad Biggs article this morning, and here are all of the compensation picks handed out over the last 10 seasons:

  • Ravens 21
  • Bengals 20
  • Packers 18
  • Patriots 17
  • 49ers 15
  • Cowboys 14
  • Broncos 13
  • Chiefs 13
  • Seahawks 13
  • Steelers 13
  • Browns 12
  • Cardinals 12
  • Falcons 12
  • Texans 12
  • Panthers 11
  • Rams 11
  • Raiders 10
  • Vikings 10
  • Colts 9
  • Jets 9
  • Titans 8
  • Dolphins 7
  • Eagles 7
  • Giants 7
  • Lions 7
  • Chargers 6
  • Redskins 5
  • Bills 4
  • Buccaneers 3
  • Jaguars 1
  • Saints 1
  • Bears 0

NOT GOOD!!!  How does a GM not take advantage of this more? Olin Kreutz was even pissed off at this when he came on the show last week. I get that they’ve been super active in free agency since they’re in “win now” mode and all, but this is still an indictment on the Bears roster management as a whole over the last decade.  This quote from Biggs in his article really stings:

Reality is the system has rewarded the teams that best manage the cap and also are best when it comes to the draft. No one will have free agents to lose on a regular basis if they’re not drafting well and developing players that are attractive on the open market after their rookie contract expires. So the more stable franchises tend to do better when it comes to compensatory draft picks.

There were 11 compensatory picks in Rounds 3 and 4 in April’s draft and eight of those went to teams that had winning records in 2018. The Patriots, Packers and Ravens have been particularly adept at manipulating the system in the last decade as they account for 17.4% of the compensatory picks over the last 10 years. The rich get richer. Compensatory picks gained additional value in 2017 when the NFL allowed teams to trade them.

Chicago sports amirite?  Jesus Christ.  Kinda reminds me of how the Sox love trading international money to rid themselves of $500K buyouts.  Why replenish the farm when you can save money from the big league payroll?  It’s so gross.

Whatever though.  Rams week.  Let’s cook.  Get to 5-5