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We've Already Reached The Point In The Season Where James Dolan Apparently Had A Knicks Fan Kicked Out Of MSG For Chanting 'Fire Dolan'

I can't stress this enough. Fuck James Dolan, fuck him so much. This little troll motherfucker is so worried about his shitty kazoo and people chanting that he deserves to lose the team instead of you know, actually winning. He's ruining my life. He's making me hate the team I love and sport I love. That's what this piece of shit is doing instead of actually caring about being competitive. 

I mean a fan chanting Fire Dolan is nothing. That should happen at every game (chant should be sell the team and fire Mills). People that don’t follow the Knicks closely probably think Knicks fans exaggerate about how awful James Dolan is. But then you remember the stories of him vs Charles Oakley, him kicking a fan out last year for telling him to sell the team, calling people alcoholics and never winning. 

All the jokes about the Knicks and the franchise need to be directed at James Dolan and Steve Mills and no one else. It's not David Fizdale's fault. It's not the 48 power forwards on the roster fault. It's not the fault of us fans for trying to find a sliver of hope. It's this little ewok motherfucker ruining the Knicks and turning them into the goddamn Knicks. 

I need every single person reading this that will be attending a Knicks game soon to start chanting sell the team and fire Dolan. Throw in a fire Mills too because that asshole is terrible. I hate this stupid franchise so much.