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Jason Segel Is Now Officially A Philly Sports Legend, Deserves Credit With Getting The Sixers Season Back On Track

Jason Segel is pretty much the reverse Fresh Prince. He was born and raised in LA but over the last few months, he's been calling Philly home. He's been here filming a new TV series for AMC called Dispatches From Elsewhere and has quickly cemented himself as a full-blown Philly icon by...well...well pretty much just by taking a bunch of pictures with everybody and also photobombing a bunch of wedding/engagement photos around the city. 

Jason Segel has become Philadelphia and Philadelphia has become Jason Segel. But it's one thing to just go around the city finding random photos to insert yourself into. It's an entirely different thing to be tasked with turning this Sixers season around after a disastrous 3-game losing streak. Sure, it's still only November and none of those 3 games featured both Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons playing on the same night. But this is a Sixers team that is supposed to be the best in the East and they're out here blowing massive leads in the 4th quarter to some chubby doughboy in Denver. It can't happen. And on Jason Segel's watch, it won't happen. Because he is here to save the season. 


If the Sixers can just play every game with the same level of passion and intensity that Jason Segel brought to that bell-ringing ceremony, well then they'll finish the regular season at 79-3. And that got started last night as the Sixers snapped their 3-game losing streak and took down the Hornets 114-106. Granted, the Hornets are trash but you could have put anyone on the floor last night and the Sixers were going to get out of there with a dub. We have Jason Segel to thank for that. 

I have no idea when Dispatches From Elsewhere will wrap up filming but I'm praying that they're here through June. Jason Segel is one of ours now. We can't afford to lose him. He is much too important for this team and much too important for this city. When the Sixers are parading down Broad St. in June, we'll have nobody else but him to thank for it. 

I love you, Bro Montana. 

Sidenote: What is Jason Segel's most notable role? I feel like it has to be Marshall from HIMYM, but I could also see Peter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Don't get me wrong, I Love You, Man and Freaks And Geeks are definitely up there but I'd say Marshall Eriksen and Peter Bretter are 1/2.