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Drake Came Out As The Secret Headliner Of Tyler, The Creator's Festival And Was Promptly Booed Off Stage

Why? Because he’s not Frank Ocean, that’s why. Nothing more nothing less. This has nothing to do with Drake’s ongoing beef with Pusha T, as he and Tyler have worked together in the past. This was not about loyalty to Tyler, the guy who fucking booked Drake to headline his own festival. This was about Drake coming out when a bunch of teens thought for sure they were about to watch Frank Ocean whistle. And it’s objectively hilarious.

Drake is one of the biggest musicians in the world. If he was advertised as one of the headliners for this festival he would not have been booed off stage for because people wouldn’t have been able to get their hopes up for something else. In fact that crowd would have been pumped because it would have been a crowd of Drake fans who bought up all the tickets for Sunday. But that’s not at all what happened. This is exactly how it went: for months people have had their wristbands, counting down the days to go to this festival, talking to other people about who that mystery headliner was going to be. It’s Tyler, the Creator’s festival, the rest of Odd Future was performing, Frank Ocean is his fucking brother, he was the only name from Odd Future not on that billing, I can see why the teens assumed it was Frank Ocean. And then, it wasn’t. For months people thought they were getting steak, they had their palettes prepared to taste steak, they opened their mouths ready to ingest steak and instead they got poutine. That’s fucking hilarious.

I can’t imagine the months of planning, the man hours put into booking Drake as a headliner for a massive festival out in LA, keeping it secret up until the moment he hit the stage, all for it to be promptly jettisoned out the window by an angry mob of teens who craved Frank Ocean building cabinets from IKEA on stage for an hour and a half. I hope for next year’s Camp Flog Gnaw festival Tyler doesn’t announce a single performer on the poster ahead of time just to see what kind of mayhem would ensue.