Man Goes To Doctor For Ear Ache And...He Has An Infestation Of Cockroaches Living In His Head

Portrait Of Cute Boy Holding Cockroach At Home

(Source)–A man in China suffering from an earache discovered his ear was filled with almost a dozen cockroaches.

The 24-year-old man identified only as Mr. Lv visited a hospital in Guangdong Province, southeast China, in October, the New York Port reported citing the AsiaWire news agency. Lv told doctors he had been experiencing a “sharp pain” in his right ear.

Dr. Zhong Yijin, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist at Sanhe Hospital who treated the man, told AsiaWire: “He said his ear hurt a lot, like something was scratching or crawling inside.

Jiminy CRICKETS! I hate going to the doctor. Despite being gainfully employed for the better part of a decade I haven’t been to the doctor except for one time when my throat started closing up to the point that I couldn’t swallow or breathe in like 2013. They gave me a quick round of steroids and I haven’t been back since. This is the reason I don’t go to the doctor though. They’re just looking for things wrong with you. Whatever they find, it’s going to be bad. At 6’1 and 235lbs(or in that ballpark because I refuse to weight myself too) there is only going to be bad news. News that I can live without…literally. My ears have been popping at least once per day as if I was getting off an airplane for the like the last 3 years. I don’t go to the ENT because I don’t want to hear what they have to say, or even read it since my hearing isn’t that great. I was afraid to go even before I knew it was possible that my brain could be hosting a small colony of insects. I mean a DOZEN bugs living inside this guy’s brain. Which means they were absolutely having sex in there and procreating new bugs. Laying eggs, living on ear wax, and being a general nuisance. Absolutely disgusting. I am sure this Chinese guy was probably just thinking he had a mild case of ear stones

PS: How about Newsweek doing the state of Florida dirty with their URL

cockroach url

Throwing “florida man” in the URL for clicks when the story takes place in China is a low blow. Florida man has enough trouble without newsweek trying to pin ear cockroaches on him. In terms of horrifying viral stories, Florida is still a distant third behind India and China. Can’t just tag them with that url as if they’re equally as bad.