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What Is The Point Of Tavon Austin If He's Fair Catching This Punt?

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We see a lot of wild things in football. One handed grabs, insane throws, last second wins. Every week something new amazes us, impresses us, or in this case, leaves us dumbfounded. What on god’s green Earth is Tavon Austin calling a fair catch there for? First of all, Tavon Austin is only on the football team to return punts. The “Tavon Austin as a dependable option at WR” experiment died years ago. But he can return the hell out of a punt if given the opportunity, and brother, he had one of those tonight…and he was apparently told to call for a fair catch. It’s insane how big of a ding dong brains Jason Garrett is. I mean there was nothing but daylight ahead of him, and he wasn’t even given the chance to return it.

So fine, save clock. The Cowboys needed a TD to win, and Dak starts throwing 5 yard out routes to Jason Witten? And this is right after the passing game was humming all game and they give the rock tot he $90 million mistake Ezekiel Elliot. Can you imagine if they can’t re-sign Dak because they caved to Zeke when Zeke had zero leverage? Would be an all-time Jerry Jones boneheaded move.

Oh, and back to the punt return. I love this point-

EXACTLY. If you don’t need blockers downfield setting up a return because you’re demanding Austin fair catch it no matter what, why aren’t they bringing the brigade to block the punt??? What a catastrophically bad coaching decision all around.

I guess all the Cowboys can do now is give Jason Garrett an extension and give him time to figure it out. Would only be right.

A 5 year deal sounds good to me.