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Dude Jumps To His Death In Mall After Girlfriend Insists That They Go To One More Store After 5 Hours Of Shopping


Daily MailA man jumped to his death after a furious row with his girlfriend who insisted they go into another clothes shop.  CCTV shows Tao Hsiao, 38, escorting his girlfriend around a shopping mall in Xuzhou, Jiangsu  province, east China.  After five hours Tao finally had enough and demanded to go home. Eyewitnesses say he could be heard saying they already had more bags than they could carry, but she insisted on going into one more shop where the was a special offer on shoes. An eyewitness said: ‘He told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in a  lifetime and it was pointless buying any more.  ‘She started shouting at him accusing him of being a skinflint and of spoiling Christmas, it was a really heated argument.’ The shouting match ended when the man chucked the bags on the floor and jumped over the balcony, smashing into Christmas decorations on his way down before hitting the floor seven stories below causing shocked shoppers to flee in panic. Emergency services arrived at the scene but Tao was killed immediately from the impact of the fall. A shopping spokesman said: ‘His body was removed fairly quickly.  ‘He actually landed on one of the stalls below and then fell to the floor so although the store was damaged it meant he didn’t hit anybody.  ‘This is a tragic incident, but this time of year can be very stressful for many people.’

Poor bastard. Guy just couldn’t take it anymore. 5 hours deep and she wanted more shoes. At some point you just gotta weigh the pros and cons of your options. You could spend another 45 minutes standing in the women’s shoe section of a department store look like a complete fucking bitch. If you’re lucky, there’s a little leather chair somewhere for you to sit like some sort of goddam lapdog while she tries on 30 pairs of shoes that you’ll end up paying for. Employees and other men in the store looking down upon you with a look of pity like “this poor son of a bitch…”

Or, you could throw yourself off the seventh floor balcony of the shopping mall. Smashing through Christmas decorations, bashing your skull on the floor spreading brain matter all over the food court. Its really just a trade off for what you value in your life. Do you wanna live a pathetic existence getting dragged around and nagged by your unappreciative bitch girlfriend? Or would you rather just be dead? I suppose theres always that “break up with her” alternative, but sometimes thats just not enough. Especially in China. Sometimes you gotta prove your point. And sometimes that means shopping mall suicide.


PS – This is the difference between guys and chicks. Last week I brought you the Four Pillars of Relationship Life and told you the 4 parts of your bachelor life you need give up in order to make a woman happy. Well that shit should go both ways. Chicks should know the parts of their female lives they need to give up so they don’t drive their man to suicide. And number 1 on that list should be thinking you can still go shopping for like 200 hours a day. Do that shit with your girlfriends. Let your man stay home and masturbate 2 or 3 times. Everyone will be happier in the long run. No suicides to deal with.