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Sam Darnold, Completely Unironically, Said The Jets Can Still Make The Playoffs

If I was a Jets fan, I would probably appreciate my young quarterback speaking highly of his teammates and not giving up on a season. A second year guy on his second coach coming off a win against the team you share a building with a few weeks after people talking about you nearly dying every time you dropped back keeping his head high and staying confident is an undeniably good sign. You can draw plenty of positives out of this game and be happy with a statement like this. Again, this is all if you’re an optimistic Jets fan.

I am not a Jets fan, nor have I lost all the cells in my brain. Thus I find this all to be entirely amusing. Bro wtf are you talking about playoffs for? You’re 2-7! You almost died! You’re still behind the Dolphins in the standings! The Miami Dolphins! But, since math technically agrees with Sam that the playoffs are on the table let’s take a peak at the remaining schedule and see what the road ahead looks like. The Jets play the Redskins and Bengals in two of their next three games. Those two teams are actively doing the most to insure they’ll be picking at the very top of the 2020 Draft. That can get them to four wins. They play the Dolphins again. Not a guarantee based on what we’ve already seen but for the sake of the argument, let’s give them five wins. The other four remaining on the schedule? Well,,, let’s just say that a 5-11 finish based on this wretched start is more than enough to hang your hat on. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS???