Drunk Dude Works Over His Pilot During A Flight Delay (Yell at each other for the first 1:40 or so, gloves come off at 1:45)



I hate people who complain in airports more than anything. Delays happen. We’re all stuck here. Just shut the fuck up and bitch about it on Twitter like everyone else. But you gotta admit, this one is on the pilot. You can’t call a guy out, drop your binder, then be surprised when he socks you right in the kisser. Be a man, dude. You just got bitch slapped 4 times. Men don’t let themselves get slapped even once without retaliation. There was a time when commercial pilots were looked upon like doctors and lawyers. They were the kings of the skies who fucked hot stewardesses and took crap from no one. After this display it’s not really a surprise that they’ve fallen back toward earth in the public’s eyes. We don’t like admiring sissies.