Cute Chick Gets Knocked Out By Flying Deer While Jogging


NYDNShe might run like a deer, but she’s no match for one. A Virginia woman was on the final leg of a 7-mile-run near her home in Ashburn when an airborne deer reportedly knocked her unconscious Thursday about 6 p.m. Krystine Rivera, 27, was a sitting duck when an SUV struck the buck and — in a stroke of bad luck — sent him flying toward the young athlete beside Claiborne Parkway. She remembers running one moment coming to in an ambulance the next, the Washington Post reported.  “I was running, then I was on the ground and then was listening to the paramedic. I’m surprised I made it out alive,” Rivera said to the paper. The massive mammal cut the 5-foot-tall athlete’s run short at five miles, slashed her scalp, bruised her right knee and gave her a concussion. Rivera, an administrative analyst, started running roughly five years ago, participates in marathons and leads runs for a local fitness club.

Just another one of the many, many pitfalls of exercising. Ahhh I’m jogging along side the road, take a good picture honey! I’m DEAD! Fucking projectile deer crushing your face piece. That will erase 5 years of all the good benefits of running every day huh? Yea I’m sure you’re 5 foot nothin, 100 nothin, with 0% body fat but guess what? You almost died from Bambi falling out of the goddam sky. I may be SkinnyFat and I may develop adult onset diabeetus sooner rather than later but I can promise you this much – I absolutely never have to worry about getting demolished by a deer on the side of the road. And that, in my book, is way more valuable than being in shape.