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Lamar Jackson. That's It. That's The Blog.

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Need I say more? The guy is absolutely ridiculous. Lamar Jackson exists and we get to enjoy him in Baltimore every Sunday. He’s such a treat and we are so lucky to have him. I’ll shut up and play the clip.

That’s now his iconic play. That is, until the next time he murders multiple defenders in broad daylight. I was wondering when he was finally going to break one for a long TD and today was the day. But that electric clip doesn’t even do justice for how good he’s been. He was 15/17 with 223 yards and 3 TD’s through the air before grabbing some pine for the 4th quarter. His incompletions were a clock spike late in the 1st half and a well thrown ball on a seam route that Mark Andrews just barely couldn’t haul in. That was still good for another PERFECT 158.3 passer rating, making him only the 2nd QB in the history of EVER to have multiple perfect games in one season. And the kid is only 22. Unreal.

Throw in 2 defensive TD’s (Kenny Young and a 5th rounder LOL) and we had a good ol’ fashioned boat race on our hands. There were some concerns on the defensive side of the ball but that can happen easily when you’re up by 4 scores as quick as they were. Stress-free win moves the Ravens to 7-2 and keep them as the 2 seed in the AFC. HUGE game at home next week against Houston gives the Ravens an opportunity to really cement their spot for a 1st round bye. Big things happening in Baltimore and we’ve got Lamar to thank for it!


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