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Were The Titans Offsides On The Game-Winning Field Goal Block?

Lotta bitching and moaning going on right now about the Titans potentially jumping offsides on this game-sealing field goal block. Was he offsides, was it a perfectly timed get off, who is Karim Garcia, all the important questions being asked by all the talking heads and fans alike. What I really appreciate is that CBS is outright refusing to show any other angle than this one.

Is that blue line official? Did all the other cameramen decide to take that play off? Each question opens up nothing but more questions. We’ve got ourselves a real Russian nesting doll of a predicament on our hands. What do I think? I think if the Patriots lost this way I’d paint the streets red with my enemies’ blood until they reversed the call and replayed the down. But it didn’t so I’m pretty ok with everything that transpired this afternoon.