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Lamar Jackson + Kevin Harlan = The Perfect Highlight

Everything about this was perfect. Lamar Jackson had his signature, highlight run and dropped the most vicious spin move these eyes have seen in some time. Look at this shit man



What. How. What does that mean. How did that many human beings miss just one human being. I’ll never understand. I’ll also never understand how Kevin Harlan isn’t the clear cut choice for Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, the Super Bowl, really any game of football. Just lock him in a room and have every game on so he can call them all simultaneously. Between this and him calling the cat on the field last week he’s had maybe the best week of NFL commentary I can remember. And if he’s not going to be on the biggest games then he should be tethered to Lamar for the rest of his career so that his highlights can always have the perfect soundtrack accompanying them.