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Sonny The Two-Legged Chihuahua Is Here To Brighten The Shit Outta Your Monday

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 2.29.45 PM

Huffington Post- Sonny the two-legged chihuahua got his wheels — and this is good news for all of us. Watching this dog’s joy is infectious. Try to feel bad watching the video (above) of Sonny trying out his wheelchair harness. We dare you. Sonny, born without his front legs, was abandoned but recently adopted by dog-care entrepreneur Kelley Stewart in Muncie, Indiana, according to the Star-Press. The story got picked up by USA Today and gained the attention of a generous woman in Florida. Susan Olds was so moved that she paid for Sonny’s wheelchair, according to the Star-Press video above.

You can watch the video here.  

Sonny!  What a bundle of joy this little guy is.  I don’t know if Sonny has been posted on here before but Sonny just got a new wheel chair and he’s ripping around town.  The lady dogs are gonna love him.  No legs?  No fucking problem.  Even before he had the wheel chair he was still hopping around without a care in the world.  Sonny and his new wheels are the perfect way to brighten a shitty Monday.  Just when you think your life sucks and can’t get any worse and your boss is a jerk and you hate your job and you want to pout around all day, here’s Sonny who was born with two legs and is having a god damn ball.  Couldn’t be happier to be alive.  Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.