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Randy Moss' Son Thaddeus Has Skyrocketed To The Top Of My Draft Board

Was this a catch? No, no it sure wasn’t. Do I care? Sure don’t, friend. Because it was Thaddeus Moss doing the receiving here. I’m not surprised the refs took an extra long look at this play and ultimately ruled in favor of it being a reception despite the greatest camera angle of all time telling them it was a clear as day incompletion. It was cool as hell to see a Moss make a Moss-esque reception. Who gives a shit if it was out of bounds? Unless you’re a Bama fan, then I could understand why you’re giving a rather large shit about this being ruled a catch. Gene Steritore completely forgot the rules of football – and he’s the guy CBS calls in as their rules expert specifically NOT to forget the rules of the sport – because he was so entranced by seeing a Moss make absurd catches along the sideline again. He was probably having acid flashbacks to Minnesota in this moment he couldn’t possibly be bothered with pesky rules at this point in time.

But the larger point I’d like to hit on here is that Thad Moss is a no brainer draft pick. I don’t care what his stats look like. I don’t care what his measurables at the combine end up looking like. I care about one thing and one thing only: his blood. If he has Randy Gene Moss’ blood coursing through his veins then I’m all in. This goes for Thaddeus and any and all future Mosses who may or may not be coming down the pipeline.