What Would Happen If Nomar Faced Pedro In Their Prime?







I meant to ask Nomar this question when I throttled him in pop a shot last week. What would happen if Nomar faced Pedro in both their primes. I’m taking Pedro throwing 140mph’s like he did in the all star game when his arm fell off vs. Nomar the year he hit 372 with 21 HR’s. I’m sure the kneejerk reaction is to say Pedro wins that matchup. After all he did strike out the side on like 2 pitches. But I think people forget just how good Nomar was in his prime.  Like when Nomar was right the only way to get him out was to have him hit a line drive that got lodged in the CF’s brain. He was by far the best hitter in the game and the best hitter I ever saw. But on the flip side Pedro was the most dominant pitcher I’ve ever seen.  Therefore I think the answer is that Nomar hits .279 vs. Pedro in his prime. A full .200 points better than anybody else would be capable of.