Andrew Shaw Eye Gouging Nose Face Was Pure "Kitty Cat" Bullshit




BOSTONMarchand said that Shaw went for the Rowdy Roddy Piper eye gouge move as well when the Bruins agitator was down on the ice, and Marchand had the scratches on his forehead to prove it.

“It was a bit of a scrum there in front, and stuff happens in hockey . . . especially in the playoffs with tempers running high,” said Marchand. “When [Chara] is battling with their guy, everybody is going to come in, and things just happen. “Stuff happens. I’ve done that [punched a guy on the ice] before. The eye gouge is what I didn’t particularly like, but it’s part of the game. I’ve got a nice little scratch mark on my forehead from the claw marks from the . . . you know . . . kitty cat.”


Absolutely disgusting. Listen it’s not just that Andrew Shaw eye gouged a guy. It’s who he eye gouged. I mean love him or hate him you got to admit that Brad Marchand plays the game the right way. He plays it hard. He plays it clean. He plays it to the whistle. If he’s gonna fight you he’s going to fight you the right way. He’s gonna drop the gloves and fight like hell till somebody falls or the refs break it up. He’s not going to throw haymakers when a guy is on his back and he’s certainly not going to eye gouge you.  Seriously what is this the WWE? There is just no place for that type of kitty cat bullshit in this league. Hockey is an honorable game played by honorable men. Not for scumbags like Andrew Shaw who live to eye gouge. Makes me stick to my stomach and if you love the game of hockey it should make you sick too.