The New Lebron's Claim He's A 2-Time NBA Champion

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(Kix) The latest Nike LeBron X Low to surface is an interesting one, not only for its looks but the details. On the surface, the Nike LeBron X Low features a predominantly floral based pattern on the upper and even some detailing on the Black patent leather. It could be a nod to palm trees and South Beach, thus putting this colorway on par with those like the ‘Miami Nights’ Nike LeBron 8 Low and ‘LeBronold Palmer’ Nike LeBron 9 Low. But a further look at the sneaker may best describe what Nike had in plan for this colorway. A look at the insole of both sneakers reveals a “11-12, 12-13? graphic in one foot and “2 Time Champion” in the other foot.


In case you needed another reason to root for the Spurs tonight, here you go. The new Nike Lebron’s leaked and they just happen to casually mention he already won the NBA Championship this year. Whoops. Some people will play the conspiracy theory card and say the NBA is rigged but it’s bigger than that. This is just typical Lebron. A guy who has had everything handed to him and shows up and expects to be great without having to do anything. What do you mean I’m not a 2-time NBA champion yet? I showed up, right? Give me my ring. I earned it because I’m here and everyone told me I was the best ever so that means I am.