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Steph Curry Will Reportedly Miss The Rest Of The Season Due To His Injury And Definitely Not Because The Warriors Stink

Jesus Christ when it rains it pours for the Warriors eh? It sucked when the initial reports came out that Curry was going to miss three months, but now there is buzz that he's going to be out for the entire year? Woof. Of course consider the source, you really can't 100% believe it until it comes from Woj/Shams/Stein/Haynes and remember this is what Woj said earlier this month

but this still sucks. Listen you can hate the Warriors and be enjoying their downfall, but as a basketball fan not having Steph Curry available at any point for the remainder of the 2019-20 season stinks out loud. We all are enjoying watching this team finally get a taste of their own medicine but there is no denying a healthy Steph Curry is must watch stuff, especially when he was going to have to carry the load this season. It makes you wonder at what point do they just find a reason to shut Draymond down too? I know their owner tried to lie and say they weren't going to tank but I mean at this point if you're not going to have Curry for the year you may as well do everything you can to snag a high lottery pick.

I honestly can't remember a team having this run of shit luck. From Klay tearing his ACL, to Durant leaving, to Curry being lost for the year, to Draymond getting hurt, it's crazy. Again nobody feels the least bit sorry for the Warriors given their last 5 years, but that doesn't mean it doesn't stink for people who enjoy watching Steph Curry play basketball. 

So since it looks like we won't be seeing him for basically a year, we may as well hit the highlights