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Long Island Businesswoman Plans To Build A Massive Chinese Disneyland Upstate For Immigrants Called "China City"

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NY Post - A Long Island businesswoman wants to build a massive “Chinese Disneyland” in the Catskills — which would include an amusement park, huge mansions and a “Forbidden City” laid out according to the principles of Feng Shui. The China City of America scheme could bring thousands of wealthy Chinese immigrants to the tiny Sullivan County town of Thompson, under a federal program that lets foreigners get visas by investing $500,000 in the US. The mastermind behind the plan, Sherry Li, says the development would eventually draw $6 billion in foreign investment. “We can kind of view it as a Chinese concept of Disney — so it’s going to have lot of attractions for families,” she said. The designs for China City include a college, 1,000 residences, a Chinese-themed retail center and possibly a casino. The place would feel like a trip to China just 90 miles outside New York city, as one area would mark parts of the Chinese Zodiac while another would have 16 buildings representing the major Chinese dynasties. “Each dynasty will have its building and will have rides go with it,” Li said at a town council meeting in May where she pitched the original plan. China City’s web site features golden dragons, and projects an initial investment of $325 million — with $10 million going to a “Temple of Heaven,” $24 million on a hotel and entertainment complex and $20 million to construct a “Forbidden City.” It also projects a $65 million infusion from the U.S. government – without naming what agency would make the contribution.

20% of the world is Chinese. Thats a market thats been dominated by Asia. Lets take some of that market. I call it “China City.” Its like “Hey, wanna eat cats and dogs for dinner?” “Yeah, I haven’t eaten yet.” I call it “Rice Paddy City.” How do we filter out the Koreans? We don’t let them in. That goes for Japanese too. Because sometimes the Japanese are Americanized too. But check your lease man! You’re living in Ching Chong City!

I mean, no joke, this place has the potential to be the weirdest, kinkiest neighborhood since GOB Bluth’s “Fuck City.” Socially awkward xenophobe Chinese people living in some sort of upstate Asian summer camp. Are you fucking kidding me? Might as well call that place “Bukakke City.” And God bless the poor mass transportation system up there. China in New York, man. Honestly, its genius. On the surface you’re probably thinking “A $325 million Chinese Disneyland apartment complex with Forbidden Cities and entertainment centers and apartment buildings for immigrants to live in? Who the fuck needs that?” But then you gotta realize you can just funnel all the Chinese people up there. And that ain’t racist, thats just ideal, folks. Chinese immigrants fucking hate us and most often we don’t exactly prefer their company. Segregation is just the most realistic way to keep everyone happy. Send a bunch of immigrants upstate to a goddam Chinese funland and the rest of us don’t have to deal with all their weird shit. God Bless America.