Every Time Bucs Receiver Chris Godwin Catches a Pass This Year He Saves a Dog's Life!

The Athletic

TAMPA, Fla. — It’s already happened 54 times this season.

Bucs fans rejoice. Proud fantasy football owners celebrate.

And yes, every time Chris Godwin catches a pass … a dog’s life is saved.

This isn’t a meme. The 23-year-old from Penn State, enjoying a breakout year in his third NFL season, has an extra incentive to hold on when the ball is coming his way.

Godwin has a “Receptions for Rescue” campaign, inviting fans to pledge a donation for every catch he makes. Godwin himself pledged $50 for each catch to get things started, and the program has a modest goal of $10,000 for the first year, a target that gets a little closer with each target Godwin gets on the field.

Awesome stuff here from Bucs receiver Chris Godwin. Every catch he makes this year, he saves a dog's life. Doesn't get much better than that. Godwin has had a huge year for Tampa, grabbing 54 balls in 8 games for 766 yards and six touchdowns. That's 54 dogs' lives saved! Incredible. 

There's two things I'm taking away from this, other than Godwin being a great dude. 

1. Jameis Winston being the guy who is determining how many dogs' lives Godwin is saving is quite troublesome.  

But hey, 54 catches in 8 games is pretty solid! So far so good! 

2. Now that this story is out, the Arizona Cardinals are on watch for Sunday. If they dare break up a pass attempt to Godwin it'll become very clear where they stand on the saving dogs' lives matter. Godwin should have 20 catches for 400 yards on Sunday and not a catch less. Pressure is on Arizona and everyone else left on the schedule for Tampa. We're trying to save dogs lives here. Don't be an asshole. (Hammer the Bucs -5)

Here's Godwin's foundation if you want to help out