20 Warning Signs You Might Be In A Toxic Relationship

Let's face it ladies, men are trash and dating guys in their twenties is an unpaid internship. Not literally lmao. That was just a relatable metaphor I came up with on my own just now. I'm random like that. Anyway, just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you're in a good one. Sometimes we are so blinded by love that the signs that look us dead in the eyes feel invisible (like the cloak thingy from Harry Potter lmao). Here's a list of the most common warning signs that your significant other actually might not be the one for you.
1. You argue pretty much every day over the smallest things
2. When you confront him about having a bunch of pictures of Casey Anthony saved to his phone, he tries claiming he's "not even attracted to her" and he's "just a fan of her work"
3. You don't trust each other
4. The first time he took you on a date to Dave & Buster's, the employee in the prize room asked him "the usual?" before handing him the Special Agent Junior Police Force handcuffs and 70 Chinese finger traps
5. He doesn't get along with your parents
6. The first time you asked him to pull your hair during sex, he delicately plucked one strand and placed it in a Petri dish
7. You're always feeling like you can't do anything right
8. His dresser drawers and refrigerator are filled with Petri dishes
9. You found bed bug bites on his arms and legs that don't match the species that lives in his apartment
10. He threw a tantrum and demanded a refund when the waitress at Outback told him the Baby Back Ribs were "actually animal-based"
11. You aren't emotionally or physically attracted to each other anymore
12. He stopped looking you in the eyes when he threatens to kill himself if you try to leave him
13. He won't let you hang out with any of your male friends because he's irrationally paranoid that you'll have sex with them again
14. He refuses to kill the spiders and bugs in your house because there's a chance he "might get hungry later"
15. He's a real estate agent named Tyler or Nick
16. There's a clear lack of communication in your relationship
17. He's a box jellyfish
18. He doesn't know how to kickflip on a skateboard
19. He's always lying through his teeth and secreting lipophilic alkaloid toxins through his skin
20. He refuses to kiss you during sex because he "harbors enough poison in his glands to kill 10 grown men, let alone one feeble little girl"