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Terror Camp Training Videos Set To Hall And Oats Are Giving Me Life On This Lovely Friday Morning In America

I bet these mother fuckers are PISSED. Imagine jumping through fire, playing leapfrog, doing some push-ups, and getting yourself pumped up to unleash some terror and then this video pops on your ISIS Twitter Timeline during an orange slices break. 

You'd look at your phone and call your buddy over.

"Steve, you see this shit?"

"Sure did, Frank. They are making us look like IDIOTS! We werent listening to that song!"

"Should we quote tweet it and set the record straight about what we were listening to?"

"Maybe but what do we say..."

"I dunno. Something like 'ha ha good one, assholes. we werent listening to that. we were listening to Bodies Hit The Floor by Drowning Pool."

"No! That song is so played out, dude. What about My Own Prison by Creed?"

"Ooohhh fuck. I forgot about that song. That shit was a capital B BOP! Pull that shit up and play it."

"Cant. I only have the spotify where you can listen over wifi."

"LMAO you poor bitch. We can listen on my phone via youtube. I have this live version bookmarked."

"Oh fuck yeah!"