The World Has Just Been Put On Notice - Rick Pitino Named Head Coach Of Greece National Team

Oh fuck yeah, this is the news I need on a cold ass Friday. Basketball is a better place when Rick Pitino is coaching. Whether he's in the NCAA, EuroLeague or now the Olympics, this is what I need. Pitino is a content machine. The guy is going to give quotes. His team is going to do crazy shit. That's all that matters. 

I mean hell during his time in Greece already he's had a team forfeit the league, a thong placed on a bench, raw chicken being placed on benches and plenty of flares in the stands. Pretty much awesomeness. Now we have Greece getting ready for the Olympics. Imagine Pitino coaching against Team USA. That's going to be must-watch TV. 

I kinda love that Pitino is just embracing being Greek despite not being Greek. It's gotta kill Dickie V who loves to yell that Pitino is Italian. It's one of his favorite things to do. I just hope Pitino dons track suits for every game. Really get into the spirit. 

Here's one of the biggest misconceptions with Pitino. Kentucky fans don't hate him. It's a vocal group that do, but I would say the majority of us like Pitino. He brought us a title. Hell he really brought us two because that group Tubby won with were Pitino's guys. He was an overtime away from a three-peat, which is impossible in college hoops. Sure, he went to Louisville which was weird, but it's not like he was beating Calipari during that run. When Cal came to Kentucky, UK dominated the rivalry so it was more funny. 

Now just let Greece in the NCAA, you cowards.