Chase Young Says He Simply Took A Loan From A Family Friend And Now This All Sounds Like One Big Misunderstanding!

Well there you have it. Stay out of my DMs with all of these crazy stories and ridiculous sources. JK Dobbins is not involved. It's not a Michigan fan acting as an agent. It's simply a family friend offering up some money to help Chase out! No harm, no foul! We all have family friends. You're telling me you've never had dinner at a family friends house? Gotten something from them you didn't pay for? Even perhaps taken out a loan as a college student? If you have, I guess it's shame on you! If not, you can play for the Buckeyes this week against Maryland.

Haters will say that calling this person a "family friend" that you met just before you enrolled at Ohio State as a 5-star recruit may seem a little suspicious, but they need to grow up. I find it very hard to believe that an agent would start to prey on an 18 year old kid just because he might make millions upon millions of dollars one day. Find a new slant.

But honestly, even if that did happen, the fact of the matter is that Chase Young deserves to be back. Because if you get 4 sacks against Wisconsin, you deserve special benefits. I mean, the Joker said it best:

My official stance on this matter has completely changed. You can mark me down as NOT WORRIED. Suspend him internally for 2 games (Maryland and Rutgers) for show, and then let him come back for Penn State, Michigan, Clemson, and Alabama.

This is the biggest no big deal in the entire world.