Ready To Be Shocked? Jim Boeheim Is Complaining And Whining Exactly 1 Game Into The Season

[CBS] - "I wish we'd have won, so when I say it, what I'm gonna say would matter, but when you lose nobody wants [to hear it]," he said. "You never want to to play these league games early. It's stupid. It's just a money grab. They got scheduled games for TV, for the TV contracts so you've got to play games early. And then somebody had the brilliant idea of open up the first game with a league game. I just don't think it's good, I don't think it's smart. You want to build up to the league. The league's the most important thing, so why would you play the first game of the year in the league? Makes no sense to me."

Listen, I don't disagree here. But if you're Jim Boeheim you can't, you CAN'T complain after scoring 34 points. You're already known as the biggest whiner to those that watch college hoops. No one bitches and moans like Boeheim whether it's the ACC Tournament in Greensboro or Syracuse leaving the Big East. 

You have to wait here if you're Boeheim. Even if you're correct. The ACC should not be opening up the season with conference games. I get the move to 20 conference games, I get that you want to showcase your new network. But, just do what the Big 10 does. Play a couple games in early December and then go again for regular conference season. Maybe play the games in week 2 or 3 if you're the ACC and want to do something different. 

The fact this was the first game of the year isn't the reason Syracuse scored 34 points. And don't get me wrong- Virginia's defense is a machine, it doesn't matter who is there. But let's not pretend like Syracuse is some rinky dink program. Another school to score this few points in a game against Virginia under Tony Bennett? Grambling State! Syracuse scored the same amount as Grambling State. The reason Syracuse scored 34 points is the lack of offensive scheme from Boeheim. 

It's stand around, try to run some ISO ball and shoot. It's not pretty. It's not effective. Maybe they get 50 against another team. 

Here's the other thing. This is the only sport where we say 'no, they should play an easy team to start the year.' It doesn't happen in the NBA, NFL, etc. Why? The regular season has 30ish games. You know who you're playing to open the season, get your team ready. Don't complain about having to play Virginia. 

This is how I picture Boeheim in the ACC coaches meetings when he finds out they are opening with a conference game